Taproot Farm & Fruit

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A family CSA farm and community orchard in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. 

Welcome to the 2015 Taproot Farm and Fruit CSA Season!

Hello there all you fine folks, 

Amy and I are really excited for the season, and are feeling particularly fortunate  this year. Top of mind for us both right now is the fact that about a month into the CSA season we’re going to be adding a little boy to our family! Amy’s due date is Labor day, appropriately enough, and we are getting really excited to meet this little guy. 

We’re also very excited to welcome you all to the Taproot family for this growing season. We hope that you’ll all be able to make it out to the farm this year to see where your food is grown, and we are especially looking forward to meeting and getting to know our new members.

To that end, we are hosting a potluck and farm tour at 2 PM on Saturday, June 13th and hope you can join us. We’ll gather to walk the fields and check out our new barn, root cellar and solar panels, share a meal, and maybe break out the bocce ball if there’s interest.  We’re also planning to have another CSA member day in the fall to pick apples and press cider.

We have a couple of housekeeping and logistics items to let you know about in preparation for the season. We have broken the deliveries up into three groups this year, one that starts July 28th and one that starts August 5th. We’ve got all the dates below so you can mark your calendars, but we’ll also send out a reminder e mail a day or two before each delivery.

  •       Group 1 – On farm pickup – 4140 Pikes Peak Road, Ridgeway (5-8 PM)

o   Every other Tuesday starting July 28th

  • Peak season and full shares: 7/28, 8/11, 8/25, 9/8, 9/23, 10/7
  • Storage and full shares: 11/3, 11/17, 12/8


  • Group 2 – H&H Office (4-5 PM) & 1222 E. Mifflin (5-8 PM)

o   Every other Wednesday starting July 29th

  • Peak season and full shares: 7/29, 8/12, 8/26, 9/9, 9/24, 10/8
  • Storage and full shares: 11/4, 11/18, 12/9


  • Group 3 – Health Grades Office (after 3:30), 3005 Stevens St (5-8 PM), 518 Cedar St (5-8 PM)

o   Every other Wednesday starting August 5th

  • Peak season and full shares: 8/5, 8/19, 9/2, 9/16, 9/30, 10/14
  • Storage and full shares: 11/4, 11/18, 12/9

It's been a great spring out at the farm; we've burned a few areas as a land management tool to help with savanna restoration and prairie establishment, our little fruit trees we planted in 2013 are blooming, we've been working on the barn trying to get it ready to use this season, and of course we've started planting, mulching and trellising the vegetables that will go into your shares in just two short months. 

Thank you all for joining our CSA this year. We're honored to have you as members. 

Amy and Eric