Taproot Farm & Fruit

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A family CSA farm and community orchard in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. 

First Task: Pig Feeder

          Everybody needs a vacation now and then, and yes, that means farmers too. But how can one take time away from the farm if there are animals that need to be tended to? A simple solution would be first to ask friends and neighbors to look after the animals. But when it becomes tiresome to be constantly indebted to your friends, then its time to build a pig feeder. A simply designed, yet effective way to make sure that your pig’s appetites will be filled without having to actually be there to feed them everyday.

          In order to build this simple pig feeder, I very closely followed the designs posted on The Barry Farm website (http://thebarryfarm.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/5756_0001.jpg), although I did make a few tweaks and adjustments. One of the most notable being that instead of making a 4 door feeder, I basically cut the length in half, and made it have only 2 doors. This was mostly because we will most likely never have more than 4 pigs at the farm at one time, and it requires a lot of food to fill up a 4 door pig feeder. 

Pig feeder after being stained

Drawn Pig Feeder Design and Bill of Materials

Eric teaching the pigs how to use the feeder. They're pretty smart animals and figured it out after about one day. Now they can't get enough of it